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On behalf of The German Union Cemetery Association, its’ Board of Directors, myself and all its’ members and friends a sincere thank you is extended to Susan Garwood, Executive Director of the Rice County Historical Society. These thanks are for her help and expertise in putting the GERMAN UNION CEMETERY THREE-GENERATION GENEALOGY on line using the Society’s website and for making it possible to store it at the Historical Society. The Society makes it assessable for everyone to see and research the Genealogy in accordance with their policies. The Rice County Historical Society is located at 1814 NW 2nd Ave. in Faribault, Minnesota

The Books are accessible at the Historical Society for view all year long except for the month of November when they are removed for updating and review.

The response and the growth in size of this project has made it a necessity to create a website of its’ own and again our sincere thanks to Susan Garwood for doing that for us.

When viewing this website for the first time your feedback would be appreciated. In short, we’d like to know what you think. You may send your feedback to the following email address:

Let it be known that even though the GERMAN UNION CEMETERY THREE-GENERATION GENEALOGY along with all the work creating, maintaining and putting on line has all been donated the Cemetery Association’s perpetual care of the cemetery is still maintained entirely by donations. If anyone would like to contribute to this much needed cause that helps keep the cemetery looking as nice in the future as it looks today you may do so by sending any and all contributions to:

Mr. Dennis Christensen
Treasurer German Union Cemetery Association
5884 Indian Ridge Circle S.E.
Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372



Thank you and enjoy the genealogy,



Ronald R. Prinzing
German Union Cemetery Historian