Created By: Ronald R. Prinzing

A Note from the Author:

RONALD R PRINZING (Creator of the German Union Cemetery Cenealogy copyThe following is the newly revised version of the German Union Cemetery Three-Generation Genealogy. This revision took place in 2015 and has been made as complete as possible. Everything contained here-in is of public record and is traceable to same with the exception of information given by family members who’s permission for publication has been obtained. Nowhere will there be found more complete and exact records of this cemetery.

This whole publication has been formatted in PDF form and may be duplicated.  Please note that the files for each individual have their own PDF.  

Being that this is a record of cemetery interments, updates will be made as interments take place. It normally takes about a year from the date of death for all informational records to become complete. This may sound strange but in this case we are looking at things from a cemetery standpoint. This includes the cemetery marker installation or up to date engraving of a marker. Another example is that of the cremation of a spouse waiting upon the death and cremation of the other before the interment can take place. (This can take time and has happened!) In a case such as this the records are published as soon as they become available but the final marker engraving can take time.

Please be advised that there are markers on the cemetery grounds that have only the date of birth on them. These are markers purchased by individuals or families prior to death. In some cases there will be only one person’s name on a marker with the date of death and the spouse with only the date of birth. This means that the spouse is not dead yet!

One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember when viewing this documentation on line is to SCROLL DOWN to get the whole of the documents. Your computer screen may not display the whole page or there may be mutable pages to what you are viewing. Again I emphasize, SCROLL DOWN!

Ronald R. Prinzing
German Union Cemetery Historian